How to Connect Salus Room Regulator to the Internet

The latest technology is allowing us to control our central heating system and the Salus room regulator has really helped us in that respect. With this technology we can now control our boiler from the comfort of our own home. Having a wireless thermostat has really taken the hassle out of central heating and it is very easy to install.

Firstly you need to buy the correct battery and it needs to be a lithium type battery – this is the best as they last for a long time. We also recommend you change the batteries once a year so that it can stay in working order and not get too old too quickly.

Next you will need to connect the salus room regulator to the internet and this is done using a gateway like the uge600. This will then allow you to control your thermostat from anywhere in the world with a tablet, phone or even computer. The smart app is very easy to use and you can also find lots of video guides on the website.

When you have all these devices connected you will notice two lights on the device – one red and one green – this is to tell you that they are paired. If neither is on this means that either the batteries have died or they are unpaired and need to be repaired.

Now when you have your salus room regulator installed you need to download the app and this will give you a dashboard of options on what you can set for your heating and hot water from your mobile device or tablet. The app is free and very easy to use.

Once you have done that you need to put the wifi password in to the app and you can now control your system. Depending on what you want to do it will have a number of different settings for you to choose from and the unit will then go through each of these settings and work out how to heat up your home.

The programmable RF unit will then sense the temperature in the room and will then use a set of five different temperatures to help maintain a mean temperature in the room and activate your boiler when needed. This will ensure that you always have the right amount of heating and it will be very energy efficient too.

The RT500BC is the latest innovative programmable room thermostat from salus and is a great idea for those that are looking to reduce their energy bills by turning off the heating when it is not in use. The RT500BC also has the ability to be programmed as a hot water timer so you can get an accurate heating schedule set up for you without having to worry about it.

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