How to Connect Room Regulator Tech

How to connect room regulator tech

The device is a modern temperature control system that allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the rooms and reduce heating bills. It is a convenient, easy-to-use device with an intuitive touch screen and a neutral color that can be easily installed on walls or in corners. It also enables the user to set the temperature in the room depending on the time of day and activity with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees C.

During the installation process, it is recommended to use only qualified installers and make sure that all the necessary safety measures are followed. The user should also disconnect the controller from the mains and check that all live connections are protected against high voltage before starting work.

A two-state room regulator is a modern and intuitive device that enables the user to measure and modify room temperature depending on their preferences. Its clear, large colour touch screen enables easy handling and modulation of the parameters. It is possible to install the device on the wall, and its price is reasonable.

There are a number of ways to connect the device, including via RS communication or with an L-8 strip. The installation of the device should be carried out by a qualified person, because the connection to the electricity network is subject to high risk.


The TECH room regulator has a special mode that allows the user to view current temperature of CH boiler, water tank and valves through RS communication. This option also enables the user to change certain settings, for example pre-set CH boiler temperature or DHW temperature.

This function is useful when the temperature of the room and the valves has a direct influence on each other (for example, if you set the room temperature higher than the valves), and you want to keep them that way. It is recommended to use this type of regulator with a ST-976 controller, which should be connected to the RS socket.

When this option is activated, the room regulator will send a signal to the main controller informing that the pre-set room temperature has been reached. This will disable the CH pump.

RS REGULATOR with proportional control

This room regulator decreases the pre-set valve temperature by a pre-defined value. This option is recommended for controlling a three- or four-way mixing valve. This regulator should be connected to the RS socket of the i-2 controller using a four-core cable with the appropriate plugs.


During summer breaks the device is programmed to heat the room during long periods of absence, and then it switches off when it is safe to return. There are nine schedules with different settings to choose from.

The device is also programmable to start and stop the nighttime and daytime operation depending on the time of day and activities, with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees C. The two-state TECH controller can also control the floor temperature by means of a floor sensor.

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