How to Connect RJ45 Cables Using the Right Tool

When it comes to connecting RJ45 cables, there are a few key points to keep in mind. One of them is that each wire needs to be inserted into the connector in the correct order, and each cable needs to be terminated correctly before crimping.

Using the Right Tool

A crimping tool is an essential part of the process of terminating Ethernet cables. These tools are used to crimp the wires in the cable and connect them with the RJ45 plugs on the ends of the wires. A crimping tool works by pressing small pins into grooves in the connector and the wires, which then hold them together.

To crimp the wires in a connector, first you need to prepare it by stripping back a section of the cable’s jacket. This will allow the wires to be inserted more easily into the connector’s crimping area.

Next, you’ll need to untwist and flatten each of the four twisted pairs in the cable. This will give you eight individual wires.

Once the wires are ready, you’ll need to cut them to a length that matches your RJ45 connector. You can use a modular crimping tool or a wire stripper to cut the cable down to size, but be sure not to nick any of the wires.

After you’ve trimmed the cable down to its appropriate length, you’ll need to strip off about 1 inch of the jacket. This will allow the wires to fit into the crimping area of your crimping tool easier.

Crimping is a critical part of the process of connecting Ethernet cables, and it’s essential to make sure that you do it properly. Leaving the wires too short or getting them snagged in a crimp tool can cause stress and damage to the RJ45 socket or plug.

You can get a lot of different types of crimping tools, but they all work by pushing the small pins in the grooves in the connector down onto the wires and holding them together. This makes a fairly permanent connection.

The most common crimping tool is the modular crimping tool, which is used for Cat5e, Cat6 and newer network cables. This tool has a crimping area and a cutting section, so it’s easy to get a perfect crimp.

If you’re not comfortable crimping on your own, you can hire an expert. These crimping technicians will take the time to ensure that you do it correctly.

Terminating Your Cables

To terminate your Ethernet cables, you’ll need to strip off a section of the sheathing from the end of the cable. This will allow the conducting wires to be inserted more easily into your RJ45 connector.

You’ll also need to separate the 4 twisted pairs in the cable, and then unwind each pair so that you have eight individual wires. This will give you the exact number of wires you need for your cable to work properly.

You’ll then need to place the wires in the correct order according to the standard of your RJ45 connector, such as T568A or T568B. This is not always a straight forward task, and it’s important to follow the wiring instructions that come with your Ethernet connector.

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