How to Connect QNAP to a Computer

You may have just purchased a QNAP NAS or you’ve already got one set up, but you want to connect it to a computer. This can be a great way to access your files, or to share them with other users or devices.

First, you need to make sure that your computer is connected to the same network as your QNAP NAS. This can be done using a wired Ethernet connection or WiFi. Then you need to use a utility called Qfinder Pro to find your QNAP NAS on the local network.

After it finds your QNAP NAS, you’ll need to log in with the administrator user name and password that was created when your NAS was initially setup. You can find this information on the QNAP user portal in the Control Panel.

Once you’re logged in, you need to select the NAS that you want to view and edit files from. This will open up the QNAP NAS’s App Center, which is where you can configure various settings on your device.

You can also create shared folders on your NAS. These folders will be accessible by everyone on the same network. You can set the permissions of these folders to be either read-only, read/write or deny access. You can also exclude certain files or folders from being backed up.

For example, you can exclude any files that have a full path name such as’mydocuments’ or’mymusic’. Or you can simply select ‘exclude’ from the menu and enter partial names of files or folders to exclude them.

Another great feature of a QNAP is that it allows you to map your network drive, so that all of your LAN-based files are readily available on the NAS. This can be a huge benefit to any professional who has multiple devices or wants to be able to easily access the NAS on their remote laptop or desktop computer.

This is important for professional video editors who work with large h.264 files. It allows them to remotely edit the video on their computer, and then upload it back to the QNAP for storage.

If you’re an amateur or a student, you can connect your computer to the QNAP via the USB port on the front of the device. This will allow you to easily access your files on the device, without needing a router or other internet-based software.

How to Backup Files and Folders on your NAS

To backup files and folders on your NAS, you need to login to the QNAP Backup App. You can access this from the QNAP login portal online, or by logging into your NAS with the username and password that you created in step 1.

Once you’ve logged in to the QNAP Backup App, click on ‘Preferences’. From there you can add your NAS username to the list of users that can be backed up, and then set your ‘Backup Location’ and ‘Mirror Path’.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your NAS automatically backup files and folders on a schedule. The ‘Automatically back up files and folders’ option will run at a specified time every day, week, or month. However, you should be aware that it will take some time to complete the job and will depend on your internet speed and the size of your NAS.

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