How to Connect PSP to TV

If you own a PlayStation Portable (PSP), you can now connect it to your television for watching movies, streaming strait from the internet, and playing games. In order to do this, you will need a PSP-to-HDMI converter and an AV cable.

HDMI is a special type of connector that allows the transfer of high-definition video and audio to display on an HD LCD television. This will allow you to watch your favorite movie or play your favorite game on a larger screen, so you can enjoy them with your friends and family.

You can also use a PSP-to-HDMI conversion to play games on your HD LCD television, so you can enjoy your favorite PSP game in full high-definition on your HD LCD TV. The AV cable you will need to connect your PSP-to-HDMI converter and the television set will vary depending on the model of television that you own.

First, connect your PSP-to-HDMI conversion to the power outlet and the wall socket of your HD LCD television. Make sure that the converter is not placed on carpeting, as static electricity could damage the internal components of the device.

Once the PSP-to-HDMI conversion is in place, insert the AV cable into the PSP’s video out port. The AV cable should be a composite or component AV cable. A component cable will have five color-coded plugs and a composite will have three. Match the colors of the cable to the colored ports on your television.

After connecting the AV cable to the PSP-to-HDMI converter, turn on the TV and select the appropriate input. This will depend on the model of the television that you own, so check your TV’s user manual if you aren’t sure what input to select.

When the TV is turned on, press and hold the display button on your PSP. This will cause your PSP’s screen to go black and a screen image of the PSP screen will be displayed on the television. You can also remove the video output by pressing and holding the display button again.

Then, insert a UMD game or movie into the PSP’s drive or memory stick and select it by using the buttons on your PSP. You’ll need to press the “X” button when you’re ready to start playing your game or movie. Once you’re done, press the display button again to clear the screen and return it to the normal PSP screen. You can also re-connect the AV cable to your PSP and the television set whenever you want to play a video or game on your TV.

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